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Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas began offering holistic care in June of 1978 in Wilkesboro, under the direction of Dr. R. Ernest Cohn (retired from Holistic Medical Clinic), and has continued to grow as the need for holistic care grew.

Today the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas is a facility in the western part of N. Carolina that is staffed with the "old-fashioned" caring non-allopathic practitioners and support staff like your family had available to them in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's but with advantage of having available all the most modern technical examination technology and referrals to caring physicians (when appropriate).

In the centuries past the doctor was taught that spending time with the patients, prior to making any proposed treatment, was the most essential way to accurately diagnose a patient. In todays world of "specialty care" most doctors are trained to treat the patient primarily based upon clinical diagnostic information, and due to the number of patients they must see, little time is often left to be with the patient. In fact most patients who report they are unhappy with their doctor indicate reasons that include:
  1. not having enough time with the doctor
  2. having to see an assistant and not the doctor
  3. having been referred for things that they felt their doctor should be able to help them with and more.

All of the practitioners at HMC not just understand that you want a caring personal relationship and time with the doctor but this is essential in the treatment of patients. For this reason all complex cases we see are initially seen at least by one of our doctors for an extensive consultation. Then, and only after this, if we might be able to help the patient in some way with their complaints do we accept the case for evaluation, do the appropriate examinations and diagnostic testing. Once the information has be completed a copy of the testing results is provided to every patient, without even asking, along with a consultation and review of the test results and findings. We feel this not only helps patients understand what the problem is and they are being treated for but also allows for a well informed patient who can participate in their care.

At HMC we are proud of the outstanding and compassionate care our support staff and all of or providers have given for almost 40 years. And for those who have and wish to use insurance for diagnostic testing, examinations and/or treatment we will assist in the filing of your claims as some forms of integrative, preventative, musculoskeletal or other service are sometimes covered.

We like to say "it takes us longer with our patients but the time spent is worth it". If you have a specific health issues that you feel naturopathic, chiropractic, massage therapy or natural integrative medicine might help, contact us.

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