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These conditions are often lumped together as one condition, yet they are very different. ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, involves children and adults that show signs of slow learning and altered response to learning. ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, while more commonly seen in children, does affect adults. Common signs include hyperactivity, inability to sit calmly, and ''Type A personality.''

The holistic physician NMD, DC and others) approach Es both of these conditions by improving the nutritional status and through detoxification of body systems. The solution lies in identifying the agents causing the disorder. Testing may include dietary assay, heavy metal toxicology evaluation, immune lab system testing, hair analysis, or complete diagnostic stool assessment. Upon receiving the results, an accurate determination of the irritant can lead us to a to provide natural protocols that can help improve the signs of Attention Deficit Disorder.

History shows us that many children are sensitive to white sugar, white flour, gluten, artificial sweeteners, and other irritants. It is important that the patient is restricted in the use of any substance that is found to be associated as a cause.

We have treated many individuals with ADD and ADHD, and the success rate ultimately depends upon those who are willing to follow the restrictions and nutritional advice that is determined to be necessary.
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