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The basic principle of clinical nutrition that most practitioners go by is ''you are what you eat.'' But how well your body digests the foods, how well it takes it into the tissues of the body, and ultimately how well it is used must also be considered.

Our clinical staff understands nutrition and uses clinical nutrition daily as part of most every aspect of healthcare. While we do not sell supplementation at our clinic, we keep abreast of most recent advances in nutritional therapy and we do recommend supplements, herbs, amino acids, and foods as the primary method of assisting patients in regaining their health. We ask our patients to bring all the supplements with them that they currently take, so that we can evaluate them. We utilize live cell analysis, food allergy/sensitivity testing, blood serum testing, and other methods by which the patient can actually see the changes occurring as they improve.

Many patients take too few supplements, while others take too many. It is our belief that it is the QUALITY of the supplement, rather than the quantity that the patient takes, that makes for a healthier patient response. In fact, we believe ''the most expensive supplement you will ever take is the one that doesn't work.''

We prescribe organic, pesticide free, whole food supplementation that will enhance your dietary health, can improve your bowel function, and can assist in anti-aging of the body for those that desire true holistic approaches in clinical nutrition.

''You are what you eat'' and the same goes for your general health. If you consume chemical free, organic and whole foods your ultimate quality of life may be better. The consumption of high sugar, processed and altered foods can contribute to pain syndromes, metabolic diseases and ultimately poor health. Our patients are guided in methods that help the patient regain their own health.
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