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Colon Hydrotherapy

Often, this is called by the term Colonic therapy, or ''having a colonic.'' As we refer to, colon hydrotherapy just what is it? It is the cleansing of the lower bowel, using low pressure purified water solutions over a period of time. Conditions like chronic fatigue, chronic bowel constipation, irritable bowel disfunction, family history of bowel disease and cancers, and even parasite infections may improve with the gentle cleansing of the bowel. For over 100 years this therapy has been offered by integrative practitioners like Naturopathic and Chiropractic physicians and has been an accepted therapy in the medical community. Max Gerson MD used it as a primary adjunct for those with chronic diseases including bowel disease and cancer. The therapy was one of first ''natural cancer therapies'' approved more then 50 years ago by the government and qualified practitioners still offer it today.

Over many years, people consume foods, often refined and artificial, from which the body does not get nutritional value. These ''foods'' can accumulate, like sludge and mucus, along the intestinal lining causing a reduction in the transit time of the stool from the stomach, through to the rectum. By doing so, the materials in the gastrointestinal tract are mixed with good and bad bacteria and can become putrified, causing the waste products to leach into the blood and throughout our bodies other tissues. This slow poisoning can be improved by the reinstitution of proper bowel probiotics and by increasing bowel activity. By doing so, this can assist in improving the immune system functions of people that have been sick for many years.

The use of medications, chemotherapies, and other chemicals are often retained within the body as can be demonstrated by toxicology testing. Our many years of clinical experience both in evaluating and then assisting with patient detoxification can assist those with pain syndromes, chronic metabolic dysfunction and those simply wanting to rid themselves of years of ingested toxins through this. Then with conservative non-drug care, proper nutrition, dietary change, massage along with colonic therapy, a patients general health often improves.
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