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Fibromyalgia is an often painful and disabling condition for which women, more often than men, are diagnosed. Unfortunately many such diagnosis's are made inappropriately, and the patient suffers for many years from more common and treatable conditions. In our experience, more then 60% of those diagnosed with fibromyalgia do not have this condition (even when diagnosed by experts). We have found that most people have yeast or other parasite conditions that effect the muscular skeletal system or have other toxic issues that can be resolved conservatively with natural non-drug therapies. As a result, we have seen most will improve with a combined approach of gentle conservative care, detoxification therapies and alterations in nutrition.

For those patients that do have true fibromyalgia, strict dietary changes, identification of the underlying agent(s) that may be causing the dysfunction and making sure the patient acquires the proper treatment protocol may bring control or resolution to their disabling symptoms.

Yeast, parasites, chemical and food irritants, bowel conditions and other irritating factors must all be evaluated. So we look closely at each patient with laboratory, immune testing, stool analysis and other specific integrative and conventional discriminative diagnostic testing procedures.

At the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, we use adjunctive therapies that include nutrition approaches, colonic irrigation, whole body detoxification, yeast and liver herbal cleansing, massage therapy, and others, that we have seen to produce significant results. Reduction in the pain and improvement of muscle function for patients that have in the past not responded to conventional therapies can still be obtained.

We believe that fibromyalgia is a treatable condition that is associated with toxicity of the body tissues, and believe that it is best treated by cleansing the bowel, improving the quality of nutrition, and reducing the chemicals that are put into the body.
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