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Gluten/Gliadin Intolerances

Gluten is a protein that when consumed by individuals who have sensitivity, to this normal protein occurring in many grains, can cause anywhere from mild to very severe symptomatology. As late as the 1970s new graduates were being told that ''you may see one or two cases of Celiac Disease in your clinical career''. In fact in the first two years our clinic (in the 1970's) we saw the first case and within two additional years already had seen the second case of Celiac disease. Immediately the question arose as to what was this an anomaly or was there something changing? The answer came in the next few years as the number of cases seen of Celiac Disease became more frequent. It became apparent that with the further development and availability of genetically modified (GMO) ''High Gluten'' flours and grains more cases were being diagnosed in our clinic.

Over the past 40 years laboratory testing has been developed that can accurately define the cause of most of the patients who have common gastrointestinal symptoms. We have found that there is another common protein in many commonly consumed processed grains that cause similar or the same symptoms as Gluten. This is Gliadin and it is found in many foods that also contains Gluten. In addition there are other ''food'' causes that produce similar or identical symptoms and these include yeast or even pathological bacteria. Specialized and common diagnostic laboratory tests (many of which are covered by standard health insurance) can accurately assist the Naturopathic practitioner in making the appropriate diagnosis prior to

At the HMC our clinical providers will evaluate these agents and organisms as part of defining the reason why you may have fibromyalgia, swollen joints, autoimmune issues, pain syndromes, headaches, diarrhea, constipation or other gastrointestinal issues. In fact patients who have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel syndrome or disease who still have symptoms may in fact have gluten, gliadin, yeast or bacterial causes that still require treatment.
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