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Hypertension & Diabetes Control

Hypertension and Diabetes are diseases of a ''wealthy society.'' The more we eat refined foods, the greater the risk for metabolic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. It is clear that poor nutrition along with a sedentary life contributes to a greater tendency of cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

While many patients are substantially overweight and are not willing to lose weight or change their diets to gain control of their high blood pressure, many others are willing but don't have the help they need to guide them. We realize that ultimately, the improvement of any metabolic disease is dependent on the control that the patient has on the foods that they eat and these other factors.

At the Holistic Medical clinic of the Carolinas, we have used a comprehensive program for many years that begins with evaluating your total health, ability to exercise, number of present medications you are taking and level and quality of your existing nutrition. We work to help our patients improve their overall health by manipulating these factors. As a result of our many years of experience we see our patients are able to reduce their dependency on powerful drugs as well. Those who choose to can learn to use natural supplementation to control their hypertension and diabetes safely and do. The decision to get well is one only a patient can make but we are here as clinicians to help guide our patients safely.

It seems that people talk about diabetes as if it were a common, reasonable disease to expect as one ages. Diabetes can be a serious chronic, disabling disease that can affect eyesight, blood vessels, organs, and the quality of life when these are damaged. If a patient learns to control carbohydrate intake and metabolism while improving the quality of nutrition being taken in then many patients will be able to: a) substantially reduce their oral medications, b) substitute natural glucose regulators and/or c) even get totally well.

Research shows that those that have properly functioning body systems that utilize carbohydrates efficiently are those that may maintain good body health. It is extremely important that patients learn to remove refined carbohydrates, white flours and sugars, fried foods, and other ''bad'' food products, and increase natural and organic whole fruits and vegetables, good oils, and take high quality levels of supplementation to assist them in controlling these two chronic diseases.
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