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Infrared Immune Therapy

Inrared therapy has been around for centuries but only in the past 50 years or so have we more clearly had the research and knowledge to understand just how and what it does. While there are various forms heat therapies as well as different forms of infrared - at the HMC we have a large modern professional low infrared sauna, where because of the size alone, patients can feel more at ease.

While heat has been shown to stimulate blood supply by increasing circulation and wet saunas promote sweating, the advantage of low infrared is that it does not produce deep heating of the tissues. As a result the risk of burning or tissue damage is essentially non-existent. Instead it heats the tissues just superficially and minimally promotes sweating. More importantly it stimulates white blood cell (WBC) activity, similar to what occurs when a fever exists. This has been used to repeatedly to stimulate the Natural Killer (NK Cells) cell activity which occurs in response to metabolic diseases.

Together with herbal immune stimulation and repeated diagnostic testing, patients often can see objective evidence of enhanced immune response. This natural heat therapy can be used multiple times weekly and patients can benefit from the additional response resulting from systemic detoxification of metals, chemicals and other toxic agents exiting the skin. Together with colonic irrigation, dietary changes and nutritional therapies patients often report a generalized improved sense of well being.
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