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Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Constipation

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a very common condition in today’s world. Most physicians consider it to simply be an inflammatory bowel disease. Holistic doctors that see and treat this condition, however, more often look at IBS and IBD as more of a ''process'' than a disease. In doing so, we try to resolve the suspected underlying ''cause(s)'' rather then treating the symptoms of inflammation (with medications).

Irritants including parasites, yeast, blood-borne bacterias, irritating foods, chemicals, mental stress, and overusage of medications (cortisones and antibiotics) are a just few of the issues that must be considered when treating persons with IBS and IBD. Success depends on a clear understanding of the cause and avoidance of specific triggers. Nutritional support and cleansing of the bowel is essential part of this at our clinic.

Constipation, on the other hand, should never be considered a normal process of life. In severe cases it can be associated with blockages from tumors but more commonly it is the result of poor or improper colon (or intestinal) health. The holistic physician initially looks at what is found on the inside the colon by ordering a Complete Diagnostic Stool Assessment. In it we can see what gut bacteria, yeast, enzymes, and other organisms presently exist. By correcting these, most of our patients return to a healthier state. It should be remembered that “you are what you eat” but you also can’t absorb your food if the internal environment is not what it is supposed to be. Many patients have excessive mucus and toxins in their bowel which, when they remain, often can contribute to this condition(s).

All intestinal and colon conditions are evaluated and treated as important early (and late) causes of disease by holistic practioners. For life to sustain itself, ultimately the gut must work well or the body sickens. Through the use of colonic irrigation (similar to a water based enema), colon cleansing herbs, restoration of normal bacterial flora and proper nutrition, we have been able to help most patients.

Symptoms that could indicate bowel dysfunction include: headaches, back pain, discolored skin, itching rectum, smelly stools, rashes, nausea, alternating loose and firm stools, belching, stomach or abdominal pain, chronic female infections, poor immune system and more. As integrative doctors we first evaluate the patient to determine if this is IBS/IBS or any other condition, including cancers. Once the cause is determined referral or treatment that is most appropriate is offered by us.

While many conditions can be the result of increased or reduced stool transit time these conditions can also cause constipation and even irritable bowel disease. Since these are commonly seen conditions the evaluation is often covered under a patients health insurance plan. We often do additional specialized testing that confirms just WHY YOU HAVE THIS before recommending diet changes or treatment. So if you have questions on insurance coverages You can ask our administrative staff for information on coverage.
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