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Live Cell Analysis

Sometimes it takes more time for a physician to do the things that are necessary to evaluate a patient. That is one of the things we do at HMC. One of the things we still do is try to demonstrate things to the patient so they have a better understanding of what we see and do. By using a conventional evaluation method most doctors learned years ago, that has all but been replaced by automation we still use microscope examination of the blood today. Live Cell Analysis is one of those procedures that, while it takes more of the physician's time, can demonstrate more about the present state of the patient's health than many of the common tests that we presently utilize.

Live Cell Analysis, through the use of a specialized high powered microscope, can visualize a patient's blood and, while projected on a screen for the patient to see, will allow the internal components of the patient's blood to be analyzed.

In a normal Live Cell Analysis, red and white blood are randomly spaced and free floating in a clear sea of fluid. When organisms enter the blood (yeast, fungus, bacteria, parasites) they should not be there in the healthy individual. Because we know they can contribute to damage of the blood cells and immune systems we look to see if they exist.

Chronic diseases, like chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and even cancer, as well as many other conditions, can be evaluated using Live Cell Analysis. The patient will see live time images of their cell structures and what ever exists. These will be compared with examples of a normal red blood cell Live Cell Analysis and abnormal cells then. When residual particles can be seen floating in the blood (these can be bacteria, yeast, or other), they can be identified, and with proper dietary management ((and when needed referral) these organisms can slowly be removed by the healing body.

Following detoxification and cleansing of the body, improved nutrition, repetitive live cell analysis will often show improvement in the cell analysis. As the patient heals and as more normal cells are seen, the patient can self confirm by objective means, that they are in fact healing. This test helps patients that are feeling better to see the improvement from the inside and often explains why others don't feel well. There is a lot of truth that ''a picture is worth a thousand words'' so the extra time taken by integrative physicians to do testing like this can make a great difference to the patient.
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