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Adrenal Stress Testing

The adrenal gland, which sits atop both kidneys, functions in part to control stress exerted on the body. These stresses can include physical, emotional, chemical, and simply the ''daily stress of life.'' While the body produces small amounts of these hormones in the normal individual, they are sufficient to deal with these stresses on a daily basis. When stress becomes chronic or excessive, these hormones are quickly used up, and if not replenished by the body they may produce signs and symptoms of adrenal weakness.

Hypoadrenia is the term given to individuals that have low amounts of these adrenal hormones and may show signs and symptoms including chronic fatigue, glucose intolerance, hypertension, hypotension, anxiety, unexplained musculoskeletal pain and poor response to simple stresses. These individuals often find that in the mid-afternoon hours they seem to ''be exhausted and want a short nap'' and by early evening have just enough energy to complete the day. This temporary loss of energy is a classic sign of low adrenal hormones.

At the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, we use laboratory and other diagnostic testing to assist us in defining if these conditions exist. And through musculoskeletal therapies, nutritional supplementation, dietary changes - including the restriction of carbohydrate metabolism - the missing hormones can slowly replenish and the person may return to their normal strength and health, often without any need for additional medical intervention.
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