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Massage and Lymphatic Drainage

Over the past 20 years, most states in the United States have begun to regulate massage therapy as a legitimate, limited healing science. It should be important to note that there are many forms of massage therapy though. At the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, we offer therapeutic massage for the treatment of many body conditions.

Massage therapy at our clinic is used as an adjunct in the treatment of chronic stress conditions, fibromyalgia, body detoxification, blood circulatory conditions, and even with chronic metabolic conditions (cancer). Conventional medicine, even at major cancer centers, recognize and use massage now as part of cancer care. In our clinic we have treated individuals with a form of massage therapy known as lymphatic drainage For many years. This form of massage has been shown to improve circulation in patients whose chronic metabolic conditions (cancer, lymphomas, etc) have left their bodies highly toxic. Many of these patients complain of severe muscle pains, cramping, chronic tingling, numbness, and other symptoms, not just in the spine, but also in the extremities. Our professional massage therapists work directly with our dictors in an attempt to improve the total patient outcome.

Along with massage therapy, nutritional herbal and detoxification programs are often recommended that can assist the patient in regaining their health. Too often, patients are told that they must simply ''live with the pains that they have''. But we have found that cleansing the body with massage and lymphatic drainage is an effective way of reducing toxins and regaining the patients health.

Spinal disorders, muscle conditions and systemic diseases can have beneficial effects using conservative, non-drug, massage therapy. Our independent liscenced massage therapists who work at HMC work together as part of our integrative team to provide a more complete holistic approach to healthcare.
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