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Medicine Withdrawal

A major issue in medicine today is the over utilization and the interactions from the use of many medications applied at one time. In the almost 40 years of clinical practice, our staff has found that many patients take, not just excessive numbers of medication, but duplication of medications that are often causing the signs and symptoms for which they are in fact being treated!

At the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, we evaluate every patient and discuss all of the medications they take upon accepting any new patient. So many of these individuals are already showing signs of declinic health like elevated liver enzymes and declining kidney functions. Many physicians see this and now consider this normal. Why would anyone consider declining function and health normal? At HMC we evaluate to determine the cause(s) and when possible the patients often slowly remove themselves from duplicating or symptom causing medicines, always keeping in mind those that that are essential must be maintained. We find many physicians are more then willing to help remove patients from their duplications or symptom causing drugs. In fact the Chiropractic and Naturopathic professions actively encourage reduced medication, and particularly pain medication removal. More people die from the side effects of physician errors, OTC medications and narcotics then any other cause of death. The USA consumes 90% of all opiate drugs that are produced in the world each year yet we make up less then 10% of the worlds population. At HMC we continue to find that the less medication a patient takes, the more efficient the body functions.

Certain organs of the body, including the liver and kidneys, act as filtering systems for the toxins that we place into our body. These toxins can include the foods we eat, as well as the chemicals that we put into our body (medications and poisons). Often, we will make recommendations including diet, detoxification, and improved nutrition that will improve these functions, while helping the patient to obtain better health overall. The use of colonic irrigation, while reducing duplicating and unnecessary substances, often produces an improved state of health for the patient.

It should be important to note that, for any patient wishing to withdraw from medication, the patient must change the lifestyle conditions that have brought about the disease process, so that the medications can be removed by them and/or with their prescribing medical practitioner. This will include improving diet, restricting patients from known allergens such as food dyes, milk products, yeast, and other toxins. Over short periods of time, we have seen the signs and symptoms of the patient's disease(s) slowly reduce, effectively reducing the need for unnecessary or additional medications.

When necessary and possible, natural forms of herbal and homeopathic treatments, acupuncture, myofascial release therapies and others can often be substituted. These are done commonly while introducing conservative musculoskeletal therapies and naturopathic approaches. While not always possible, the doctors at the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas makes every attempt to use these more natural forms.

Remember that there are many good things that can be obtained from proper use of any substance. In acute and life saving conditions a patient should not attempt to remove vital substances. The same goes for essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We believe the proper and essential balance of what is needed is the key.
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