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While many clinics treat a few athletes, our clinic treats many athletes, and when we do, we treat the “whole athlete.” By this, we mean that a new patient is initially evaluated through complete orthopedic, neurological, physical and strength testing, along with nutritional and biochemical evaluations. Then, following a consultative report of findings, our clinical staff explains to the athlete the cause of the injury or condition and 1) how we can help them to get them well and/or 2) how we can get them back into sports more quickly.

We have been team physicians for local schools and are very proud that when an athlete who had comes to us gets back into their sport faster. We work to do this faster and without the dulling effects of medications. Why? Because of our multi-specialty approach to treating injuries we have been more successful in helping athletes to improve. We use a combination of healing methods including manipulation, physical therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage therapy, and/or other conservative therapies that may benefit the patient athlete. While most clinics use a ''standard approach'' of anti-inflammatories and pain medicines - we don't cover up the symptoms. And with many years of experience doing it, we do it well.
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