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Stress Reduction

While stress is an everyday part of many peoples lives, we find that often just taking time away from the office or other offending stress helps. We know that each patient needs to be evaluated as an individual to determine if the increased levels of stress they have are associated with personal, social, work related or due to combinations of some of these.

In the 1970's a Nobel prize winning author documented that ''stress kills''. Since then, medical science has done a lot to develop medications that alter moods and feelings. In the severely affected person, these drugs can even often save lives. But in the majority of individuals, these only mask the underlying problem. At the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, we look at the patient's hormones, diet, family life, work environment and much more. Then we discuss our results and make the patient aware of what we see, as often others see things more clearly than the patient in these matters.

Consideration is given to each patient as to their nutritional needs, along with prescribing therapeutic measures that may assist the patient in reducing stress. These may include massage therapy, energy therapy, manipulation, physical therapy, counseling and/or natural (herbal) supplementation to reduce stresses. One clinician is assigned to each patient to help follow them through the stress reduction process. When possible, if medication rmedications reduction is accomplished, then with natural remedies, many persons problems resolve.

We are not a psychiatric clinic. We are a clinic that deals with the whole person and we realize that if the mind is not well, the body is not well.
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