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Among the most common things we encounter as holistic practitioners is the substantial over use of common thyroid medications for healthy individuals. For so many different reasons, clinicians are giving thyroid medication today as frequently as doctors did tonsilectomies in the 1960's, diet pills in the 1970's, and anti-depressants or cholesterol lowering medications more recently. All of these have need in modern medicine, yet when unnecessarily prescribedproblems develop, where none may have existed prior.

Women, more then men, seem to have thyroid deficiency. Among the signs and symptoms of the loss of this important hormone is alterations in energy, mood changes, heat and cold sensation, weight gain, joint and muscle pains and much more. At the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, we look at the entire person through physcial examination, consultation, laboratory medicine, nutritional evaluation, and more. Then, we make determinations if the thyroid is the only or the major problem, or if there is a combination of issues producing the patient's symptoms.

We use a stricter range of control values on laboratory testing (compared to many other clinics) that allows for earlier diagnosis and control. By doing this, we don't wait for the person to get sick; we are proactive and try to you prevent the sickness. Then, when diagnosed early, many patients are able to supplement their thyroid deficiencies using natural means, instead of medications. This allows for more fine tuning and, for most patients, a better feeling of well being.

We do see patients that feel sick from taking medications and ask us to evaluate them to determine if they can be reduced on their present medications or even removed off of them. For many, this is possible as their practitioners are advised of our finding, and often results in the ability of the individual to be supplemented naturally. All of this is done under strict repetitive evaluation, supervision and laboratory monitoring (much is often covered by insurance).

Thyroid disease is more common than Americans think, and with proper evaluation, early intervention and nutritional treatment, most will improve and can feel well again.
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