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Allergy Testing

North Carolina and the surrounding states have specific allergies and sensitivities that are routinely not found elsewhere. These sensitivities and allergies include foods, toxins, molds, fungii, grasses, and tree pollens. Additionally, patients may have chemical sensitivities to the daily products that they use or are exposed to, as well to the foods that they consume.

Through the use of Blood Serum Sensitivity Testing, we often can determine if the cause of the patient's sensitivities come from any of the above chemicals, foods, grasses, pollen's, etc. These findings that are reported to the patient in writing will show, not just a sensitivity of these allergens, but also the degree or severity by which each exist.

At the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, mild sensitivities can often be treated by reducing exposures or limiting intake to the allergens, along with dietary changes. Moderate and severe allergens, once identified, need to be removed and, if the allergy is to food, they can be very slowly reintroduced over a 6-month period of time.

We find that it is often necessary to remove carpet in homes, to use hardwood floors or room ionizers, and reduce the number of chemicals, sprays, and cleaners used in the home. Proper dietary control begins with the reduction of refined processed food products, often including elimination of milk, glutens, sugars, and food additives. Over the many years, we have helped patients to significantly reduce their allergen loads. The greatest majority of these patients can improve without painful weekly allergy injections and pain medications. Then as long as they continue utilizing the information obtained through the testing many of there signs and symptoms can improve including headaches, musculoskeletal pains, fibromyalgia, congestion and more.
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