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Most people have a fair knowledge of nutrition, but need assistance with the understanding of the different diet control measures available. Since pain, weakness, high blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides are often key factors that ultimately make people desire to lose weight, our patients initially go through a very complete health profile prior to determining the best method to take to resolve these issues at this clinic.

Our health and wellness profile consists of a lengthy history, complete physical, orthopedic, neurological and laboratory examinations. Once all the information is accumulated, a second consultation is scheduled with one of our doctors and the findings reviewed. If the patient is able to participate in exercise activity, these will be included. If not, a diet is tailored so the patient can still burn calories and lose weight without stressing the system.

Many patients do well with our very successful high protein, low carbohydrate programs. Others do not metabolise these as well. There are also vegetarians who have health issues, and lifestyle changes can be made which encourage them to increase metabolism while reducing the level of available carbohydrates.

All patients are monitored on a frequent basis which assures that the occasional straying from the designed program is more easily corrected. As time and progress is seen, we monitor the patient less. We do this because we have come to realize that simply giving a person a diet does not work; it requires a ''lifestyle change'' that includes a diet for long lasting health effects.

To improve the results, we often use natural supplementation to reduce desire to eat or stimulate metabolism. Therapy may include acupuncture, massage, colon cleansing and other forms of therapy. But when the right combination is found and weight loss begins, we find our patients health improving and them obtaining an overall better feeling.
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