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Yeast (Candida), Fungus & Parasites

While considered as uncommon causes of illness by many physicians, holistic practitioners consider yeast (candida), fungus, and parasites as important agents of many other more serious conditions affecting people with chronic illnesses.

Ask any woman that has had a yeast infection if yeast is disabling to her and she will tell you that it can cause chronic fatigue, weakness, muscle pains and itching, just to name just a few symptoms. When treated with common creams and medications, the signs and symptoms often improve in the short run, but return with greater strength and increased symptomatology.

Conditions that may include chronic fatigue, chronic allergies, bowel disease, constipation and diarrea, fibromyalgia, lupus, and even chronic metabolic diseases like cancer, can have a direct association with yeast, fungus, and parasites.

Our approach is different than many clinics. First, we evaluate the history of the patient, including frequency of antibiotic use, strength of immune system, history of other infections, quality of diet, and much more. Then, if the clinical signs are there, we order specialized blood or stool testing that may show the causitive organism, where other tests have not.

If yeast or parasites are discovered, our approach is not to try to kill them with repeated antibiotics or local antifungals, since experience shows that they are resistant to most of these drugs. Instead we use safer natural agents to change the pH of the bodies environment and increase the natural probiotic levels in which these organisms live. Eventually, these bad organisms can no longer live there and they will disappear.

While adults are more commonly seen with yeast conditions, children are at a higher risk for parasite infestation (but adults are not immune). Once identified through specialized testing, we can implement a natural course of treatment that can rid the body of these organisms, and once accomplished the person will see increased stamina, vitality, and a desire to assume normal activity. These organisms simply drain the average individuals vitality and without proper treatment they can live within you for your entire life.

We have treated a multitude of complex problems, from simple infestations to those patients who had to take long term use of antibiotics, cancer medications, cortisones, or other medications. Each patient's case must be looked at individually and is followed at our clinic by a doctor until completely resolved.
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Yeast (Candida), Fungus & Parasites
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