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Alternative Chemotherapy

While many clinics offer treatments to cure cancer, it is our position to say that no physician can actually cure cancer. At the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, we realize that cancer is a chronic process of a weakened immune system; therefore, stimulating the immune system of the body with high dosages of vitamins, amino acids, and herbal therapies has been shown in medical research to assist the body in attaining the highest level of immune stimulation. We have also learned in our many years of practice that treating cancer traditionally means ''trying to kill something by attacking it.'' We realize that only the body has the innate ability to seek out, find, and ''kill'' these abnormal cells, but it can only be done when the person's body is at ultimate health.

We see many people who seek care for musculoskeletal conditions who actually have metabolic conditions including cancers. Our clinics approach to treating any patient with any degenerative disease, including cancer, is to support the body's immune system, restore their internal body health and provide the necessary therapies that will help the body to heal itself. In essence, we look at each person and determine, from their history, exam and labs, what might need to be balanced, and then come up with a specific plan to help that patient to improve their body function so they can regain their health. This can include the removal of body toxins with colonic irrigation, herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, massage, or many other therapies that we offer within this clinic. Our approach is non-drug and restorative with the clear understanding that the ''bodies heals itself''.

Most importantly, we do not tell people that we can ''cure'' cancer, yet so many of the people that come to our clinic do improve and feel better. We are here to help those that choose to use alternative therapies - even if they are continuing with standard conventional therapies. We understand that improving the persons immune system improves the overall health of each patient.

We see hundreds of people every year that utilize many forms of natural therapies to assist them in regaining their health. If you have a metabolic disease (including musculoskeletal disease, gastrointestinal dysfunction or metabolic conditions including cancer), remember that only a well-functioning immune system will allow a person to maintain or regain a high quality of life.
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