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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

While most people suffer from the effects of hormone related disease at one time or another in their life, many often do not realize it is part of their health problem. There are some very important hormones in our bodies, some affecting women more then men, and some affecting men more then women. Among these hormones are Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone and Adrenal and Thyroid Hormones, just to name a few. When altered, any of these can cause tremendous and unexplained bodily changes in women or men.

Women initially often seek counsel of their family OB/GYN, only to find that the doctors are too busy doing surgery or delivering babies to deal with these issues. The result of these visits is often the freely giving of synthetic hormone replacement as an attempt to treat the symptoms of the patient. These symptoms can include osteoporosis, depression, fatigue, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, weakened immune system, anxiety, and an overall ''bad'' feeling.

At the Holistic Medical Clinic of the Carolinas, we seek to determine the level of each hormone with discriminative laboratory testing BEFORE we ever consider recommending any hormone replacement. Then, when appropriate, we provide bio-identical hormones that the body recognizes as its own hormones, and then may use effectively. When possible, we recommend natural alternatives that may also resolve the patient's condition.

Hormone issues may prevent women from getting pregnant, cause menopausal symptoms, loss of libido, and accelerate the aging process. By using highly sophisticated laboratory medicine, we can evaluate the woman that may be at higher (family) risk of female cancers, and develop a preventative strategies as well. This strategy can include the use of safe bio-identical hormones, nutritional medicine, and body detoxification that will in effect alter the potential outcome many years before serious issues may arise.

In men, the primary issue with bio-identical hormone therapy may include back pain, muscle aches, loss of libido, weight gain, accelerated aging, breast enlargement,and loss of hair. Specialized laboratory testing will often show the reason as being too much of feminizing hormones or too little of male hormones. Even the risk of prostate disease and certain cancers can be predicted with bio-identical hormone testing. Once evaluated, a program of hormone supplementation and nutrition may reduce the aging process, improve libido, and the overall feeling of well-being for most men.

The key here is the use of ''natural substance'' that are readily available. The doctors of HMC never provide hormones treatment or recommendations for their use without evaluating aspects like age, menstral irregularities, underlying diseases or family history of these and so many other factors. TIME is the issue. Most conventional physicians simply don't have the TIME to spend with you as a patient. Integrative doctors take more time normally and together with you, at he patient, find solutions.
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