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Cancer Management

Most researcher now believe that nutrition and exposure to enviornmental agents are among the most identifiable causes of cancer. There are thousands of chemicals that we are exposed to ''legally'' each and every day including pesticide, cleansers, solvents and even heavy metals. In 2008 the US Government banned imports of toys from China because of the amount of lead they contained. In 2009 jewelry from there was also found to contain cadmium. These are among the most toxic elements in nature and added to the ones we are exposed to daily they compound the risk for this disease.

Detoxification, dietary changes, chelation and life style changes can be effective in helping reduce these toxic loads. Patient who have cancer can also use pro-oxidants (high dose Vitamin C), Alpha Lipoic Acid and Glutathione, Vitamin D, Resveratrol, and WBC ''Natural Killer'' cell simulators like mushrooms and more, that will aid the body in fighting this. Men with prostate disease can use DHT blockers like Nettle and Saw Palmetto while women with high Estrogen cancers can add DIM to direct the path of Esterone elimination.

Today some therapies can be done orally, while in the past it required I.V.s in high dosages to treat these issues.. Our clinic evaluates each case on an individual basis prior to deciding the most effective way to help a patient, even it it means working with other physicians to receive alternate therapies.

Even those who choose to use Chemotherapy can benefit because there are now ways to match low dose chemotherapy with specific agents that have been shown to be ''Specifically Effective'' against the cancer. This means using only those agents that have been shown to be effective on this type of cancer - while eliminating those that are not.

Our staff clinicians work with natural agents to stimulate the immune system, detox agents that can be confirmed and help restore nutrients that are essential. While we can and do work with oncologist and surgeons who are more holistically inclined, we strive to assist our patients to regain their health, not add to the toxicity of life.
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