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Much has been written about chelation therapy for the improvement of cardiovascular disease for those not wanting conventional angioplasty or other surgical procedures. While chelation is not considered a ''standard'' method of treatment by conventional medicine, it is considered an alternative and complementary therapy for those wishing to approach improved cardiovascular health through detoxification.

Chelation is a method of removing toxic substances natural agents. Our clinical staff has two ACAM trained doctors who we have many years experience assisting people with systemic detoxification therapies.

Chelation should be considered a safe and effective adjunct for those patients doing nutritional therapy to improve their cardiovascular functioning. Additionally, many patients report improved cognitive ability, that may be secondary to the improvement of circulation in other parts of the body.

Heavy Metal Detoxification

While our food supply is generally safe it is well known that pesticides and other chemicals are being used in great abundance. Many foods, including fish and some vegetables are treated with chemicals containing arsenic, mercury, aluminum or others toxic metals. While they are not intended for our consumption they can and do enter the food chain and once in our bodies do bio-accumulate. Even things like vaccinations and the fillings in our teeth (amalgams) have these heavy metals in them. Many of them have been in our bodies for dozens of years from these sources and until we have them removed by some form of chelation - any potential poisonous side effects can occur.

While some of these metals can be associated with osteoporosis, pain syndromes, cancer, ADD, and other metabolic diseases the best thing always to do first is to evaluate the body and determine if these exist and if at levels requiring detoxification. At the HMC we can do urine, blood and hair heavy / chemical metal tests and if the labs prove there are higher levels in the body requiring intervention then we can then we can offer natural (non-drug) amino acid, herbal or other agents to chelate these out until your body reaches a safer level.
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